Project Eastlake

Masha’Allah we are thrilled to announce that our Muslim community in Eastlake is
growing! All of our functions from our Friday prayers to our iftars during Ramadan are at full capacity space-wise. Thanks to your help we have established a fully
functional Islamic school that teaches 65 students with a rapidly expanding waitlist.
With the future of our Muslim community in mind, we are pursuing a larger space, and we need your help insha’Allah!

Selected Location

– New Development: Eastlake Park Place
– Address: 2424 Fenton St, 91914, Chula Vista, Building 9
– Stand-alone building with 7,850 sq ft of space
– Potential to build the second story of at least 3,140 sq ft.
– Total of at least 10,990 sq ft.

Expanded Musallah

Masha’Allah, our Jummah prayers are overflowing with community members.  A bigger Musallah space will allow us to comfortably accommodate more of our brothers and sisters.

Multipurpose Room

A multipurpose room will provide a convenient space for our monthly potlucks and other community activities.

Men's & Women's Wudu Rooms

Currently we only offer a single-occupancy bathroom.  Insha’Allah, in our new space, we plan on having separate wudu rooms for men & women.

Youth Recreational Area

We want to create a friendly environment for our Muslim youth to encourage them to spend more time at the Masjid.  Insha’Allah we plan on developing a recreational area fully equipped with activties like foosball, ping pong, iPads and games.


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821 Kuhn Dr #108
Chula Vista, CA 91914
(619) 485-0874

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